The Palio of Siena Tour


Join us for the most exciting tour – The Palio of Siena horse race! This tour is a week filled with history, events, special dinners and high emotions. Gina lived and breathed the Palio in her contrada – The Selva and we offer you the most inclusive, insider’s view and experience to this great event that happens in Siena twice a year.  We’ll be joining the festivities leading up to and including the July 2nd Palio.

Billed as the most exciting sporting event in the world, it is more than just a 90 second bareback spin    around the Piazza del Campo, Siena’s main square.  It is the culmination of ongoing rivalry and competition between the contrade (the neighborhoods in Siena). The lead-up and the day of the race are invested with passion and pride. There are formal and informal rituals that take place during the “Days of the Palio” which we will attend and participate to get a true flavor of this historic and ancient event.


Our view of the starting line from 2014 July Palio

Our tour will include:

  • 6 nights private accommodation at a beautiful luxury villa just outside of Siena
  • Premium Palio tickets on a balcony above the Piazza del Campo
  • Special events leading up to the main event – including the horse selections, trial races each dayand the final trial race, La Prova Generale
  • La Cena Generale – the evening before the Palio the contrada’s dinner with its festive atmosphere of singing and drinking and speeches by the jockey, the captain and the priore of the contrada.
  • Guided insider’s tour of a contrada museum to view the ancient and newly won silk banners
    The Selva...and praying hands!

    The Selva…and praying hands!

  • Guided walking tour of Siena
  • Visit to one of our favorite Chianti Classico wineries with tasting and lunch
  • Visit to an area hill top town famous for its wines including lunch or dinner
  • All meals and transportation to all scheduled events

You’ll be immersed in this rich culture and historical event during this special tour.
Dates: June 28-July 3, 2019

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Price per person: All inclusive of tours, events, tips and tax: $5,500, + single supplement applies


Sunflowers in full bloom

Al fresco dining at our villa

Al fresco dining at our villa