Tuscan 4 Day Food and Wine Culinary Tour

Cypress trees in Val d'OrciaTaste of Tuscany Culinary Tour
4 Day Food and Wine Tour

Tuscany has so much to offer through its foods and wines! If you can spend only a short time in Tuscany, join us for our Taste of Tuscany – a short culinary tour, where we’ll explore the rich culinary heritage and traditions of this beautiful land. During our shorter food and wine tour we include much of the deeply rooted culture of Tuscany with a hands-on cooking class, food and wine tours to area hilltop towns, visits to wineries, lunch/dinners at local trattorie and visits to local food producers who keep alive their culinary traditions.

To gain further understanding of the Italian culture through its food and wines, we will be taking day or evening excursions into the surrounding countryside. Dinners in the area hill towns offer spectacular views with delicious meals of traditional, seasonal ingredients paired with local wines. The wines of Tuscany boasts some of the best in Italy – Chianti Classico, Brunello wines and Montepulciano wines all of which we’ll be learning about and tasting. Day trips remain flexible to take advantage of seasonal activities and so best expose you to Aussie friends in Septall the best Tuscany has to offer. They can include a visit to a family owned pecorino  cheese farm or a Cinta Senese pig farm and taste their products, a trip to the famous medieval hill town of Montepulciano to taste the Vino Nobile and a saffron farm in San Gimignano, wine tasting in Chianti, with visits to cellars, castles and estates.

Accommodations are provided during this tour on a beautiful estate just a short drive from Siena in a carefully restored 18th Century farmhouse.

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We are not planning to offer the shorter week in 2019. If you have a group of 6, please contact Mary for timing available.

Overview and Highlights

  • Four days all inclusive tour
  • All meals during the tour -breakfast, lunches and dinners paired with wines (unlimited)
  • One hands-on cooking lesson preparing a four course lunch with regional wines
  • Wine tour day in the Chianti Classico (or other famous region) to include tastings
  • 4 nights private accommodations in restored Tuscan farmhouseMini tour June 2012
  • Regional seasonal specialties highlighted: visits to vineyards with wine tastings; visit to Cinta Senese or pecorino cheese farms with tasting; olive oil tasting and visit to press during harvest, visit to saffron farm; truffle hunting during the fall.
  • Visits to area hill towns – Siena, San Gimignano or Montepulciano, and renowned wine estates in Chianti.
  • All inclusive price: $2,900/person

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